Leaping hare,40cm diameter, white on paper

Bird garden in grey

Running deer lampshade in mid blue

Passionflower in turquoise

Bird garden in red

Sparrows in red

Leaping hare in grey

Moths in grey

Sparrows in grey

Moths in red

Passionflower in white

Bloom in red

Garden paths in red

Bloom in grey

Leaping hare in white

Sparrow in dark blue

Sparrow in grey

Bird garden in dark blue

Sparrows in white

Passionflower in red

Moths in red

Leaping hare in dark blue

Leaping hare in white

Lampshades are made using a lovely, strong, cloudy, off-white lampshade maker's paper which is laminated on the reverse. These shades allow extremely good levels of light through (whilst retaining a soft effect) and show the print design to particularly good advantage. Each shade is finished with a fabric tape binding.

Prices range between £45 and £70.