Running deer lampshade design

The intention for this lampshade design was to create a scene in the style of an endless landscape (or polyorama). This is a very detailed design which was inspired by the Dorset landscape.


The unassuming but very lovely house sparrow, foraging amongst dandelions and daisys, is the subject of this design. A large and lively print which is best suited to shades of 30cm diameter and more.

Bird Garden

Bird garden is the only design (so far) which is based on a pen drawing rather than a linocut. This flowing repeat of stylised birds and flowers works well on both large and small shades


A large, bold design of regular, circular flower shapes, which have a touch of arabic style about them. This looks striking on large shades and is also very good for tapered shapes.

Leaping hare

Leaping hare was my first repeat patterns and it is still one of the most popular. It is a rather lively, relatively small scale design which works on both large and small shades, as well as tapered shapes


Passionflower was inspired by my new plant which has so beautifully clambered up the vegetable garden fence, it's fascinating flowers which asked to be drawn, proved an interesting challenge. This design is the reverse of all the others, as the pattern has been cut away (rather than the background), meaning that the light shines through the flowers and leaves.


I couldn't resist putting moths on lampshades! All the moths in this design can be seen in the British Isles (just don't ask me to name them!).This is a small scale design which makes it a good choice for the smallest of shades and due to its any way up nature - very good for tapered styles.

Garden paths

An Indian textile inspired print, with elements of mid -century British design thrown in for good measure! Depicting stylised leaves and flowers, and the sinuous lines which inspired the name.