I am Sophie Sharp, an artist based in West Dorset, and Lupin designs is a range of hand printed lamphades and cushions using my original designs.

Trained in fine art (painting), my love of pattern and design has taken me down a new exciting path over the last few years, which has resulted in this ever expanding collection.

Each item is hand screen printed by myself using environmentally friendly, water based inks. Most of the designs start out as lino cuts (before being transferred to silkscreens), I am therefore able to combine the hand carved and crafted effect of lino prints with the crisp clean effect of the screen print.

Ideas for the designs often comes from my garden and the wider natural world. Also, endless inspiration from Indian textiles and from artists and pattern makers such as Bawden, Ravilious, Marthe Armitage and William Morris.

I hand make each lampshade and an extremely wide range of sizes (up to 45cm diameter) and shapes is possible. Please contact me regarding any particular requirement you may have. 

I hope you enjoy my work.